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Don't Distribute Without an Executor!!

The loss of a loved one brings a diverse set of hardships for families. One of the most difficult aspects can be the distribution of heirlooms. Without a designated Executor established through a will before death, families can feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do with their loved ones belongings.

Before going through a loved one's home, establish who the deceased nominated for the role of Executor. If the deceased loved one didn’t have a will, a serious conversation about who should handle the role needs to occur before anything leaves the home. Having someone in charge to keep an accurate record of what goes to whom will be required to settle the estate. A value of the assets owned by the deceased loved one will need to be provided to the court along with a valuation of all debts owed by the deceased if probate is required. Families having to take back items to be liquidated to pay debts is a devastating scenario. All debts must be paid before the estate can distribute any asset or heirloom. The chaos of worst possible scenarios is diminished with an Executor established and legal guidance to properly distribute items and monies to family members.

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